AI Based Business Analysis

Product, Customer and Order Anlysis

Smart Upsell & Cross-Sell as a Service

Smart Up-sell and Cross-sell are very important part of Magento and online selling. Marketing standpoint makes sense to NOT recommend brown shoe to a customer who just bought a brown shoe, right. Instead, you may want to sell socks or cleaning accessories. We build connections and provide smart upsell, crossell and recommendations based on your orders in real  time.

Science for eCommerce

Online selling, e-commerce needs to be part of your business strategy. We want to make available enterprise level data analysis and machine learning based services to small and mid size business to improve selling efficiency. Start to sell online and sell on multiple platforms like Ebay and Amazon.

AI as a Service

SciCommerce is a science driven team and we are working with cutting edge technologies do deliver valuable services for you. Our goal is to provide real time data analysis for your business/web shop. Developing trained models what can realize patterns or make recommendations, predictions for you. We extend our services based on feedbacks of our clients.

How SciCommerce Works?

How SciCommrce works #1

We provide smart data for your e-commerce

We do also deep analysis and real time analysis to provide better and better information for you based on cutting edge technology.

You control the style 100% to fit to your application

We processing the data and provide the result for you in JSON format via our API interface. You only need to style and display it on your store front.

Your customers will have a much better satisfaction what drives your revenue

Connections between your products are there and as you have a better understanding of your data then your revenue and business will grow with it.

What Makes SciCommerce Different?

We are passionate to provide VALUE to your business!


We use enterprise level technologies on each level of our architect. We are very passionate to deliver SMART and blazing FAST responses to you to increase the UX of your clients.


We love to think out of the box, provide new and better solutions under the hood. We believe in ideas and new solutions what deliver more VALUE to your business. We also love to LISTEN to our customers!


Having better and better user experience and satisfaction. To understand your own data what is THERE, and generate REAL VALUE from it can be a huge resistance of your business. This is where we deliver and give you a hand. The VALUE is already there in your data, start to utilize it!

Magento Upsell & Cross-Sell As a Service



No trick, no hidden fees, no credit card required. Easy to use and very powerful.

Test period opening soon for testers as last stage. Stay tuned, please subscribe to newsletter at the bottom.



Two minutes to set up a website and get API credentials. Once you done with this then you are ready to start deploy your data.



Data is your fundamental value. Data is what helps you to get a better picture about your business and gives the capability to make better decisions.

Deploy your data via SciCommerce RestAPI in a minute.



Grow your business and have better customer satisfaction immediately.

We work with all major eCommerce platforms

We extend our smart service each day


Magento 2 is one of the biggest and B2B and B2C ecommerce platform. It was the very first platform what we started to work with because of the big demand.


WooCommerce is one of the most popular ecommerce platform. Millions of installations are out there and growing day by day.


As a SaaS platform, it’s also very popular. We are currently working on the integration based on their robust API interface.