Dashboard and API

With your account you can access your insights and analytics immediately in your admin area and dashboard. You also can access your analytics result with Rest API interface what allows you to build your own module/extension inside your system and display those right there. Your application just needs to request the information and display that.

Business Intelligence and data visualization even prediction are the most important areas in e-commerce world. SciCommerce is a tool for you with easy to use and easy data access.

BI Dashboard - QBI.io

Sentiment / Emotion Analysis

Sentiment and Emotion Analysis
Linear and Regression Analysis

Data Analysis and Prediction

SciCommerce does the math beyond the scenes to give you better and better analysis and even prediction over time. Machine Learning is awesome and here already. I work hard to add new features to the system on each week.

We use so many math to make your data more valuable and love linear and regression analysis and use TensorFlow for accurate predictions.

Log analytics with Elasticsearch

Secure and Real time log analytics with hosted ELK as a Service. ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) The ELK stack makes searching and analyzing data easier than ever before. Using ELK you can gain insights in real-time from the log data from around your e-commerce/Magento store.

Machine Learning – TensorFlow

Machine Learning {ML} is the future of data science for e-commerce business. Machine learning gives you a higher level understanding about your clients or result of campaings. Log analysis and visualization, linear prediction and even regressive analysis are great for prediction but Machine Learning is what can follow changes, recognize patterns.

SciCommerce wants to bring ML's benefits to you and wants to give you an easy to use interface where you have all what you need to grow with your business.

available on all devices

Campaign Analysis

Linear and Regression Campaingn Analisys
qbi.io-monitoring with elk

Monitoring and QA testing tool

Keep your eye on background events, monitor your system integration with ERP or CRM too. data visualization allows QA to detect anomalies and report those back. This can reduce quality assurance (QA) time dramatically on staging environment.

Secure RESTful API and Swagger type documentation

SciCommerce gives you a very clean API interface what is growing over time. You also can found descriptions and examples to be sure you can start to deploy your data in seconds and get your insights back. You can build your own extension or module to display results like sentiment analysis value on a feed or tweet. API and it's documentation is growing so be sure you have an account and stay tuned.
qbi.io secure restful api with swagger