Zend Framework goes under Linux Foundation and open source

Since its inception, Zend Technologies, and later Rogue Wave Software, has been single-handedly leading and sponsoring the Zend Framework project. Over the years, Zend Framework has seen wide adoption across the PHP ecosystem, with an emphasis on the Enterprise market. It has formed the basis of numerous business applications and services including eCommerce platforms, content management, healthcare systems, entertainment platforms and portals, messaging services, APIs, and many others.

In spinning the project into its own foundation, we need to differentiate the Open Source project from the commercial Zend brand, which means a new name!

Laminas is the plural of lamina, meaning a thin layer. We feel it succinctly summarizes the goals of the project in many ways:

  • Components you can compose or layer into any application.
  • Middleware architectures are often termed layered.

The project will encompass each of the following:

  • The various standalone components.
  • The MVC framework.
  • The Apigility subproject.
  • The Expressive subproject.