elasticsearch 7.0.0 released

ElasticSearch 7.0.0 is released width wow factor

ElasticStack 7.0.0 is released. It means Elasticsearch 7.0.0 too!! Dark mode in Kibana and actually nice features what can help or just make a visualization more eye catch.

What does it mean for e-commerce? Here is the wow factor!

Visitors are interested in the 10-20 most relevant results, rather than the other 100,000 results that matched with search term. This feature delivers the first “page” faster to make your visitor/client happier. I am looking forward to digging into details in this.

I can tell you there is NO issue on performance side for search/autocomplete with Elasticsearch. Zero. We are talking about milliseconds on a multiple hundred thousands collection in 6.x already which is very fast. But this feature promises much more and allows you to make more complex queries or just save server resources for peak time.

I will have to test it with aggregation and more complex queries what gets product recommendation based on 1 year orders for instance.

Don’t upgrade on production until you are not 100% sure you can without braking your site or search and/or any custom query what you use. Test it first and might a double test again just to be sure 😉